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Sodium bicarbonate is a multi-purpose product and an affordable way to clean your home toxin-free. It is a versatile cleaning agent and an essential ingredient in your DIY routine. It has an effective but gentle abrasive action and is really handy for scrubbing difficult spots and cutting through grease. As a base, it absorbs and neutralises odours, and it can also be used as a multi-purpose odour remover.

Our sodium bicarbonate is food-grade. 

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In a recent study at the University of Massachusetts, scientists showed that surface pesticide residues present in fruit and vegetables were most effectively removed by sodium bicarbonate solution when compared to either tap water or a type of bleach-like Clorox bleach.  Baking soda removes up to 96% of pesticides from fruit and vegetables. When mixed with water and gently rubbed on apple skins, the solution eliminates nearly all the residue left by two commonly-applied pesticides within 15 minutes.


About the ingredients

Synonyms: Sodium bicarbonate; bicarbonate of soda; sodium hydrogen carbonate.
Appearance: White crystalline solid.
Food grade
Solubility: Soluble in water 9.6 g/100 ml @ 20C
pH: 8.3
Melting point: 50C Decomposes
Store cool & Dry.

How to use

To eliminate odours, you just need to sprinkle it on the carpet, mattresses, rugs and pet bedding before vacuuming them. This will help to absorb body odours and oils, and when you vacuum it away, you will be capturing dust and dust mites, as well.
To prevent unpleasant odours, place a small bowl of sodium bicarbonate in the fridge, shoe cabinet or around your home where needed.
To clean burnt pans, casserole dishes or ceramic cookware, leave them sitting overnight with hot water and a little bit of washing-up liquid. In the morning, discard the water solution from the pans into the sink and sprinkle a thick layer of sodium bicarbonate over the burnt food. Take a soft sponge or a non-scratch pad and slowly and gently scrub the area. Don't use steel wool or another metal scouring pad on your pans, as their abrasive texture can scratch or damage your cookware. You will be able to easily scrape away the burnt food and clean your saucepan.


Biodegradable clear plain grip seal bag.

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