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Citric acid occurs naturally in citrus fruits and is widely used as an acidity regulator, flavouring and preservative in food and drinks. It can also replace many of our domestic cleaning products. It is, in fact, a viable alternative to limescale remover, dishwasher rinse-aid, fabric softener and even conditioner for your hair. To obtain your citric acid "magic potion," you need just to mix the powder with water. 

If you would like to have your order in separate bags, please let us know.  


More info here.

How to make a limescale remover.

How to make a laundry sequestrant.

How to use citric acid for your beauty routine.



About the ingredients

Food grade
Appearance: white solid
Solubility in water: 133 g/100 ml (20C)
Melting point: 153-154C

How to use


Biodegradable clear plain grip seal bag.

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