You can make this DIY toxic-free all-purpose cleaner with just 3 ingredients in under two minute and use it for cleaning all the surfaces around your home, your windows and glasses, and even as a pre-treat stain remover! It's one of my most used household cleaning products. I prefer working in grams because it is more accurate than ml/tbs/oz. 



50g Sodium Carbonate or Soda Crystals 

50g Bio Washing Up Liquid

500g Water



Pour the water into the spray bottle and then add the sodium carbonate. Never do the opposite! Shake the mixture and wait for the sodium to dissolve completely, this step is essential in order to prevent the head spray from clogging. When you add the sodium carbonate into the water, the mixture becomes a little bit warm. Don't worry: it's perfectly normal and means that the reaction is working! Then add the washing-up liquid.

Shake it ... your super spray degreaser is ready!





  •  I use it for heavy-duty areas in the bathroom and on kitchen surfaces. 

In the bathroom, I spray the degreaser directly into the tub, shower and onto the toilet seat, let it sit for a few minutes, then wipe and rinse the surface with warm water. 

In the kitchen, I usually spray it into the sink and scrub it with a sponge. 

 For worktops, I prefer to mix a small amount of this detergent with warm water in a container. I usually use the sink, after it is cleaned, as a container. Wipe down the grime with a cloth and dry the surface in order to avoid streaks.

  • This all-purpose detergent is also excellent for windows and glasses. 

I spray it three-four time directly in a container filled with around 2-3 litres of warm water, clean and wipe with a cloth as usual. There is no need to rinse.

  • I also use this efficient detergent as a pre-treat stain remover: it performs really well on a range of everyday stains including red wine, chocolate, grass, oil, tea and coffee. Just spray onto the stain, leave for 5-10 minutes and wash as usual.

As an eco-friendly remedy, it works better if you wait a little longer than for a regular pre-wash stain remover or spray degreaser.



Remember not to use on WOOL or SILK, as the degreaser contains sodium carbonate which, being highly alkaline, could be too aggressive for these fabrics. Do not use too much - it's quite a strong degreaser and you only need a small quantity. Always remember to use it with your rubber gloves on when cleaning.

Credits to Mammachimica

I hope you find this recipe useful!





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