I know that lot of people prefer not to use the softener, but it would be imperative to utilise it in the washing-machine, in fact, washed clothes are very alkaline, especially if you use laundry powder, and their pH is totally different from our skin pH. As a fabric softener, citric acid excels because it neutralises the alkalinity of laundry detergent, acting as a pH adjuster and bringing the laundry alkaline pH closer to our natural skin pH. In fact, as I have already explained in my previous post, citric acid is an excellent toxic-free alternative to the commercial softener and dishwasher rinse-aid. It also works effectively as limescale remover, so using it in your laundry routine will prolong your washing-machine life! The solution will last a long time because of the high concentration of citric acid. In this specific case, the concentration is 20%: it means that the pH of the solution is very low and should be enough to preserve the solution and prevent bacterial proliferation.

This recipe is easy and super quick to make: you only need to add the powder to the water (better if distilled) and shake the voilà!

 Job done!!!    

I prefer working in grams because it is more accurate than ml/tbs/oz. 



200g Citric Acid

800g Water


How to prepare

Pour the water into a 1 litre cleaned bottle. Then add the citric acid. Shake the bottle until the powder dissolves completely. 


How to use

Use the citric acid solution in the washing-machine as a regular softener, pouring it into the fabric-conditioner compartment of the drawer. 

Similarly for the dishwasher: pour the solution into the rinse-aid compartment. 



You can also add 1 spoonful of citric acid powder directly into the fabric-conditioner compartment of the drawer and add a little water, if you don't want to make a liquid solution. Too easy to be true?!  Let's give a try!

Have a look at this website for more information on how to wash your clothes in an ecological way. Credits to mammachimica





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I’h learn more on citric acid
tnx for eye-opening

Angela aryee

Hi Sonja,
Many thanks for your comment. 😊
It would be better to pour the solution until the fabric softener compartment is full.
I hope that helps.
Jo 🌿



Thank you for this post. How much of the solution do I need for 1 wash in the washing machine? Thanks.

I am using Citric in my both dittergent powder and liquid, it also help to clean the fabric with amazing shine to it.

Adnan Khan

Hello and thank you for this info!! Was wondering; is it safe to add essential oil to the baking soda/water mix? Thanks!

Diana Cotriss

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