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Reusable Panty liners


Our reusable panty liners - pack of 2 - are suitable for everyday wear, spotting or just a light flow.  They are plastic, perfume and chlorine-free. 

They are made with 2 layers of soft, organic cotton quilted by ourselves, backed with a waterproof PUL layer. Organic cotton is very kind with sensitive skin, it's ideal for breathable, comfortable protection. PUL Fabric is a type of laminated fabric, it is waterproof, so it is ideal for the outside of cloth diapers and diaper covers. 


Just machine wash with your regular wash at 40°C with similar colours. Hang to dry. For removing blood stains pre-rinse in cold water (hot water will set the stains) and soaking overnight with a nappy cleanser that can help with heavy staining. 

I also suggest pretreating bloodstain with our multipurpose degreaser spray (recipe in the book) or with our DIY sanitizer spray (recipe in the blog).


Packed in a recyclable cardboard sleeve - 100% organic cotton - plastic-free - handmade in the UK- pack of 2 - reusable 


About the company

Head in the Woods is a family business, based in Lancashire, UK. Its founder - lovely Sanne - being inspired by her desire to cut out single-use items in her own home, turned her passion into a business that supplies a selected variety of handmade, zero-waste, reusable products. 
Every handcrafted product is made with great care and attention in her studio, guaranteeing the highest quality and lasting a very long time.