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These reusable face wipes - set of 7, one for each day of the week - are a fantastic zero-waste make-up remover option that will reduce a tonne of unnecessary, single-use waste and plastic. 

They are handcrafted with two layers. One side is soft, organic and brushed cotton for a gentle cleanse; the other is a lightweight cotton muslin for mild exfoliation. The muslin has just the proper roughness to get rid of dead skin cells without being too harsh on your skin. The edges are finished with cotton fibre.



After use, rinse them thoroughly with warm water. If there is a lot of eye makeup on them, gently rub a bit of soap on them before rinsing. You can hand wash the face wipes with regular soap and water after cleaning your face, and reuse them a couple more times before putting them in the washing machine (up to  30 degrees).  Allow to air dry.

To remove and pre-treat make-up stains we suggest using our Jo's Eco-Laundry Soap Bar.


You can significantly prolong the life of your wipes by using a laundry bag. This also improves the way they look after washing. If they are loose in your machine, they’re more likely to go fluffy, or pill - however, a little bit of fluff is inevitable.

After washing, you can put the laundry bag in the dryer with the rest of your washing, or if you are a super eco-warrior, hang them up to dry. Don’t forget to reshape them before hanging up gently. Don’t overfill your laundry bag. Too many wipes in there, and they won’t get 100% clean. 

Packed in a recycled cardboard sleeve - brushed cotton and lightweight cotton muslin - plastic-free - handmade in the UK- 7 pieces - reusable - 12cm diameter


Miss Cotton was born in 2017 when Marta realised that making lingerie was not her only passion. Marta strongly believes in craftsmanship and she loves working with a wide range of fabrics. Among them, there is cotton which reflects reliability and durability as well as softness and texture. From cotton, she creates simple and high-end everyday designs.



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