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Hemp Flour from Italy by San Felice - Mugnai di Napoli in 500g Paper Bag

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INGREDIENTS: Wheat flour "Tipo2" and Cannabis Sativa Seeds. OMG FREE

What is Hemp Flour?

Hemp flour is also marketed as hemp seed flour. It should not be confused with normal cannabis because it is actually an amazing baking ingredient. It has a great deal of variety of health benefits, more than the ones that can be found in all-purpose white flour. It is worth noting that hemp flour does not rise, but it can be mixed in with other flours that do if you are trying to bake something that needs to rise.

How Hemp Flour is Made

Hemp flour is made out of hemp seed. The hemp seeds all have to be processed beforehand to make sure that they are of the highest quality and that they have not been exposed to any harmful chemicals or pesticides. We can then grind the hemp seed so that it becomes a fine material that can be worked through a sieve. The end result is 100% hemp flour.

Can Hemp Flour Get You High?

As we have mentioned, hemp flour should not be confused with normal cannabis. It is made using different parts of the plant and it is harvested differently. It would help if you viewed hemp flour as a non-psychoactive superfood, not a psychoactive wonder because it does not contain any THC. THC is the active substance in marijuana that makes people feel high.

Health Benefits of Hemp Flour

We believe that you should only eat something new if it can add something substantial to your diet. Do you really want to be eating food that doesn’t benefit your body in any way? Luckily, a realm of different benefits come hand in hand with eating foods that have been made with hemp flour. They include:

High in Protein

Hemp seed flour is a great source of protein. If you follow a vegetarian diet or a vegan lifestyle, then you have to focus a lot on getting protein into your diet. A lot of vegetarians and vegans do this by taking a daily supplement. Hemp seed flour is 33% protein and it is a fantastic alternative to vegan protein powder because 5g of digestible protein can be found in every 2tbsp of hemp flour.

Essential Amino Acids

Hemp seed flour is packed full of essential amino acids and fatty acids. The amino acids that are present include quite a few that our bodies cannot produce on their own. The only way for us to benefit from those amino acids is by consuming them.

The fatty acids that are present include Omega 3, Omega 6 and GLA (gamma-linolenic acid). These can help to protect our hearts and brains. They can also help to reduce inflammation. Inflammation is a common side effect of a number of different conditions so it is nice to know that hemp flour could potentially help with treating them, but more research is required.

Rich in Vitamins and Minerals

Both hemp seeds and hemp seed flour contain a plethora of different vitamins and minerals. This is wonderful when you consider the fact that there might as well be no vitamins and minerals in bleached white flour.

This is because bleached flour is heavily processed and nearly all of the magnesium that would have been present is destroyed during this process, along with 80% of the iron and nearly all of the vitamin E.

Hemp flour is different because it does not need to be heavily processed while it is being made. This means that it retains vitamins and minerals because the nutritious benefits are not lost during the processing phase. It contains magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium, iron, zinc, thiamine and a number of other useful vitamins and minerals.

Other Hemp Flour Nutrition Facts

Hemp flour is also a great source of dietary fibre. Dietary fibre is essential because it ensures that the digestive system is functioning as well as it can be. It can also help to make people feel full for longer than they otherwise would, something that could potentially help with weight loss.