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These super-soft, luxurious velvet velour eye pads - set of 5 - are specially made for removing your makeup regularly. They are double-sided 100% organic cotton, excellent for gentle cleansing, especially around the eyes. Also great to use on baby’s skin.

Best used when wet, before putting any face cleanser on the pad. You can also use the eye pads for applying toners, creams, or even makeup powder.




After use, rinse them thoroughly with warm water. If there is a lot of eye makeup on them, gently rub a bit of soap on them before rinsing. Now you can put them with your laundry. 

To remove and pre-treat make-up stains we suggest using our Jo's Eco-Laundry Soap Bar.


You can significantly prolong the life of your eye pads by using a laundry bag. This also improves the way they look after washing. If they’re loose in your machine, they are more likely to go fluffy. After washing, you can put the laundry bag in the dryer with the rest of your washing, or if you are a super eco-warrior, hang them up to dry. Don’t forget to reshape them before hanging up gently. Don’t overfill your laundry bag. Too many pads in there, and they won’t get 100% clean.

It is recommended to use your eye pads many times and wash them in the washing machine at 60°Celsius. Air or tumble dry. They will shrink slightly after the first wash.



Packed in a recyclable cardboard sleeve - 100% organic cotton - plastic-free - handmade in the UK - 5 pieces - reusable - 10x8 cm


About the company

Head in the Woods is a family business, based in Lancashire, UK. Its founder - lovely Sanne - being inspired by her desire to cut out single-use items in her own home, turned her passion into a business that supplies a selected variety of handmade, zero-waste, reusable products. 
Every handcrafted product is made with great care and attention in her studio, guaranteeing the highest quality and lasting a very long time.